Helping Businesses

Seek our advice when you’re:

  • Starting a business. Select the legal entity that provides the best tax advantages for you.
  • Hiring employees. Setup and operate payroll in compliance with tax and labor laws.
  • Growing. Obtain innovative strategies for minimizing the tax burden on increasing profits.

Helping People

Contact us for help with financial decisions involving:

  • Your family. Tax-planning strategies and advice regarding saving for retirement and your children’s education.
  • Your home. Tax implications of purchasing, refinancing or selling your home.
  • Your investments. Capital gains planning and analysis for your stock, bond, mutual fund or real estate assets.

With offices in Charlestown and Middleton, MA, clients of Michael T. Famiglietti, CPA, P.C. benefit from personalized service from an experienced professional. Business owners and individuals consistently rely on us for their tax and accounting needs. We look forward to earning your business, and becoming your trusted advisor.

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