Individual Services

When life’s changes require financial choices, you need a professional and knowledgeable advocate to help you make timely informed decisions that serve your best interest. Beyond tax planning and preparation services, we also assess your overall financial picture, to best help you achieve your goals and plan for future events.

What financial issues are on your horizon?
Financial issues that may arise once in your lifetime are frequently those that we have expertly addressed many times. Contact us to help you make clear and accurate decisions when any of the following occur:

  • Your family.
    • Marriage or divorce
    • Birth of or adopting a child
    • Saving for your children’s education
    • Children entering college
    • Switching jobs or moving
  • Your home.
    • Purchasing, refinancing or selling your primary or vacation home
  • Your investments.
    • Investing in rental real estate
    • Investing in stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds
    • Buying or starting a business
    • Saving for retirement
    • Developing an estate plan

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