Beginning in January 2023, we are introducing TaxCaddy for tax document submission and SafeSend Returns for tax return delivery. Both of these tools are designed to provide clients with a more streamlined, paperless and automated experience.

The TaxCaddy software solution makes it easier than ever to organize and submit your tax documents. This will replace the current NetClient CS portals. We will not delete any client portals at this time, however we ask that you use TaxCaddy for your document submission going forward.

With TaxCaddy, you will:

  • Gather your 1040 tax documents per customized list based on 2021 returns
  • Send them to us securely
  • Answer your information questionnaire

Quick TaxCaddy Overview:

Step One – Sign Up

You will receive a TaxCaddy invitation email from Michael T. Famiglietti CPA, P.C., click the “Sign Up Free” button, then create your password, select your three security questions, and follow the steps to create your TaxCaddy account. Do not set up a TaxCaddy account prior to receipt of your invitation from our firm.

Step Two – Connect

Log in to your TaxCaddy account and accept the connection request from Michael T. Famiglietti CPA, P.C.

Step Three – Begin

Your spouse or financial advisor can be added as an additional user and granted access to your TaxCaddy account at any time. Set up a link to your bank and brokerage accounts and let TaxCaddy automatically receive your tax documents. Install the TaxCaddy app for iPhone or Android to use it to take photographs of paper documents as you receive them.

TaxCaddy Resources

TaxCaddy Overview


Creating your account and logging in for the first time

TaxCaddy: Mobile Scan and Upload

Secure Client Portal

Welcome to the secure client portal section of our website. If you already have a client portal account, please click the link below. If you would like to set up a client portal account, or if you need to re-set your password, please send an email request to and step-by-step instructions will be sent to you.

Please note: we DO NOT accept cell phone photos/picture/image files. Please upload your documents in PDF format and check to make sure they are hi-res (300 dpi and higher) so we can read them.

Thank you!

Secure Client Portal